KARACHI - Police Tuesday detained two closed friends of gang rape victim for interrogation. The incident of rape took place within the limits of Darkshan Police Station. According to the reports, victimised fashion world girls were abducted, subjected to torture and raped by three men. During the course of investigation, police detained two persons to probe into the case and get the phone numbers and vehicle registration number of the culprits involved in the kidnapping and rape. SP Investigation Ahmed Shaikh while talking to The Nation told that police detained Mazhar, boyfriend of the victim Kiran and also a complainant of the case, and Lal Chand, organizer of the party attended by the girls before the incident. SP Shaikh further pinpointed that the both girls were familiar with the culprits. They provided number of the vehicle and cell phone numbers of the culprits and the culprits would be in police custody soon, he added. In reply to a question SP Shaikh said that both girls belong to Karachi but Mazhar hailed from Lahore. He said that both victims belong to the fashion world and participated in fashion shows as model girls. Police sources said that both girls and culprits attended the dance party at the house of Lal Chand where some unknown dispute occurred between the girls and boys. After the party both culprits and victims moved for homes and on the way culprits abducted the girls and took them to a house. Culprits tortured the girl Sonia while raped her friend and later dropped both of them.