ISLAMABAD - The government has to face Rs 60 billion blow in the form of revenue collection shortfall during the current financial year due to delay in introduction of Reform General Sales Tax (RGST), flood tax and increase in special excise duty. As the government planned to postpone the introduction of RGST and other revenue generation measures for next few months due to the strong resistance from its coalition partners and opposition parties. Therefore, the government will not be able to generate additional revenue in the coming six months, which will increase the problems of it, an official of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) told TheNation on Tuesday. The government has to introduce RGST from the start of third quarter (January) of the ongoing fiscal year 2010-11 according to the one of the IMF conditionalities for the last tranche of the standby loan programme. However, the government has decided not to take the General Sales Tax Bill 2010 for approval in the ongoing session of the National Assembly due to its strong opposition. According to the sources, the government could have achieve the annual revenue collection target of Rs 1667 billion if it succeeded in getting the RGST passed by the National Assembly before the start of new year 2011. Presently, the downward revised revenue collection target has been set at Rs 1604 billion for 2010-11 from Rs 1667 billion. The target was revised after the devastating floods in the country. Later, the government was expecting that target would be enhanced to more than Rs 1660 billion for the ongoing financial year in case the Parliament approves the RGST, flood tax and increase in special excise duty. It is worth mentioning here that government had tabled the bill of General Sales Tax 2010 and Flood Tax bill in the Parliament in November. The bills later were referred to the Standing Committees of the Senate and National Assembly. The upper House of the Parliament had forwarded its recommendation to the Lower House. According to the sources, the government was expecting to generate Rs 22 billion through RGST in the second half (Jan-June) of the 2010-11 and around Rs 40 billion through the flood tax and increase in special excise duty.