This Monday, I happened to be in NADRA office for some attestation purpose. I was shocked to see a long queue outside the office and a large group of people inside. Upon asking, I was told it was due to B-forms. I was asked to wait for a few minutes.After a while, a white jeep stopped in front of the office and a man clothed in white flanked by gunmen got off. He entered the office without getting in line for token as it had already been bought by a staff member for him. Every work was halted for the moment and he was freed in ten minutes or so. After his departure, the office was back on routine. When an old man made an inquiry, he was told to mind his own business and wait quietly for his turn. This is not the culture in NADRA office but in virtually every government office. Unless ones friend or relatives are working there, it is extremely hard to get the job done. This culture is no more surprising or shocking for anyone; but the point is it should be discouraged and everybody - the poor and the VIPs must be treated in accordance with the law and rules. Roy Dilawer Khan,Hafizabad