LAHORE Counsel for the alleged Indian terrorist, Sarabjit Singh, has said, he would again move the Supreme Court to seek acquittal of Singh after revelation of new facts in India showing mistaken identity of his client. Advocate Awais Sheikh told a press conference here Tuesday that Manjit Singh, the actual perpetrator of terrorism acts in Lahore and Faisalabad in 1990, has been taken into custody in India and has confessed his offence under police custody. Defending his client, Sarabjit, he said, his arrest is, in fact, a mistaken identity as Manjit after executing his plan disappeared on the scene while Sarabjit, in tipsy condition near the border in India slipped into no mans land and was captured by Pakistani authorities and later on, convicted to death for terror acts. Sheikh said four days ago the actual terrorist, namely Manjit Singh has been taken into custody by the police in India and the fact that he went to Pakistan, has been corroborated by his first wife and the sister on the basis of photographs and other materials. He said in this view of the fact, he has decided to move the SC to seek reopening of the case and to bring to court notice the updates of the matter. He said his efforts aim at surviving an innocent person who, he added, has been languishing in jail over the past 20 years for none of his fault. He also expressed the hope that acquittal of Sarbajit would help make India and Pakistan become more friendly.