The attempted sacking of NADRA chairman and his reinstatement by a court of law has had the opposite effect. It has created more doubts about rigging even in PML-N‘s so-called stronghold Lahore. To resolve this problem for future elections, the government should provide funds to NADRA to verify thumb impressions of all national assembly seats starting from the top with the officeholders of all political parties and ministers.

The contradictory statement made by the government and election commission about the use of magnetic ink has further complicated the issue. It appears that ECP’s version is correct and magnetic ink was used except where thumb impressions had to be forged quickly at multiple places using any available inkpads. The thumb verification, therefore, is likely to produce startling results and has caused panic amongst those involved.

Moreover, there is enough video evidence showing individuals putting multiple thumb impressions and stuffing ballot boxes. The interior minister’s proposal to hand over NADRA to ECP is not legally permissible according to experts; nor does ECP have the knowhow to oversee this complex technical process. However, there are other highly qualified officers fully conversant with such technology. These officers should be appointed temporarily in NADRA and be made responsible for overseeing the entire verification and analysis process.


Islamabad, December 18.