In retrospect, both Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Yahya Khan were responsible for Dhaka disaster. If Mr Bhutto enjoyed the electoral vote strength of two provinces of West Pakistan, Yahya Khan had the power in his hands as he was then running the government. It was his duty to conduct the meeting of the Legislative Assembly, as already scheduled and to safeguard the members of the assembly. If Yahya did not have enough courage to do that, why did he usurp power in the first place? There is no logic in saying that he did not call the meeting of the Assembly merely due to a threat from just one individual.

It is pointless to blame Indira Gandhi, since she was an enemy and did only what could have been expected of an enemy. It is the sole duty of the countrymen to defend the beloved homeland, whatever the odds. If Yahya Khan was afraid to call the Assembly’s session in time or taking other steps to keep the nation united, he could have asked the political parties and the ordinary people of Pakistan to come forward and help him keep the country from falling apart. We, as a nation and people must come to terms with our history, for it is only then that we will be able to set ourselves on the right trajectory.


Lahore, December 21.