LAHORE - Parts of the country remained in the grip  biting cold on Saturday.  After remaining covered by dense fog throughout the day, parts of the country received rainfall of varying intensities in the evening and snowfall over the hills that caused further decrease in temperature during the day and at nighttime and as such increased the intensity of prevailing cold wave.

Earlier, dense fog disturbed normal routine life as low visibility hampered vehicular movement on important intercity and intra city roads including Motorway and National Highway. Dense fog caused closure of different sections of Motorway, causing motorists to use alternative routes for reaching to their respective destination. Though the highway was not closed for traffic, considerable decrease in visibility caused the vehicles to move at a snail’s pace. The police advised motorists to switch on fog lights and drive on slow speed. The visibility was also low on portions of GT Road. The intense fog also disturbed normal flight operation and schedule of Pakistan Railways.

Harsh weather conditions forced the people to stay indoors wrapped in woolies and blankets to keep their bodies warm.

Scattered rains added to the woes of motorists and pedestrians as rainwater inundated on portions of roads and roadsides.  The wet spell is likely to give relief to the masses, especially kids and elderly people, from weather-related diseases caused by persistent dry cold.

Skardu remained coldest place in the country where mercury dropped 08 degree Celsius below freezing point.

Maximum and minimum temperature in the City was recorded 12 C and 07 C respectively. Relative humidity in the evening was recorded 94 per cent.  According to the experts, a westerly trough is affecting upper parts of the country and likely to persist during next 24 hours.