We in Pakistan continually blame the government for all that has gone wrong in the last three decades, but what we forget is that we are all responsible. We as citizens have to work to bring the change. We should all start making changes from our own houses to our parliaments. The solution is simple: we have to change our attitude and change our lifestyle. Both the changes not only will help in solving the energy crises in Pakistan but will also help us in becoming a strong nation, a nation that is successful and nation that is united and strong.

We do not have to follow or search for a person who will lead us as there is a hero within us all. We have to bring to surface the good that is hidden inside us. We can become responsible citizens who follow laws and rules, on the roads, in our schools and workplace. Let us join hands in promoting self respect and ethics in all our actions and we will see a new Pakistan.

We also have to stop this show of wealth and bowing down to power for personal gains. We as a nation have to set an example for others that an educated nation and youth have enough leadership qualities to lead a nation towards betterment.


Lahore, December 16.