Despite dense fog and cold weather, the expected candidates of PML-N and PTI are conducting door-to-door visits to voters to woo them ahead of the forthcoming local bodies polls.

Though the mainstream political parties have not yet finalised their candidates, the aspirant for party tickets have geared up their political activities, besides, holding corner meetings as part of their election campaign. The candidates are making high claims to be the good representatives of the public and also pledging to leave no stone unturned to serve the people. The candidates are of the view that the cold weather cannot stop them from meeting with the people.

Sialkot is considered to be the stronghold of PML-N in local bodies’ elections. The PML-N always won the LB polls in Sialkot except in 2001 and 2005. In the past, the PPP had been a strong political rival of the PML-N. Now, the PTI has taken the position of PPP and become a strong political rival. The PTI leaders are claiming to give a hard time to the PML-N men in the elections.

According to a survey, neck and neck contests are expected between PML-N and PTI during the coming polls. Jinnah House Sialkot, an outhouse of exporter-turned-politician Umer Dar, central deputy general secretary of PTI, has become a major point of political activities, as the party was monitoring its all the political activities regarding elections.

On the other hand, the central office of PML-N located on Paris Road, is also the main point of political activities with great hustle bustle of the expected candidates who are depositing their applications for getting PML-N tickets. However, the PPP and PML-Q are also intending to field their candidates in the LB polls race.

ILLEGAL HUNTING: -A special raiding team led by Zahid Khan, district in-chrage of Wildlife Sialkot, caught 11 accused for illegally hunting rare animals and birds in suburban areas of Head Marala. The team also fined Rs110,000 to Nawaz Khan, Ali, Qaisar, Naveed, Umer Rafiq, Zeeshan Mushtaq, Banaras Khan, Alam Sheikh, Muhammad Sharif, Ahmed Rehman, Ahmed Jabbar and Shoaib for illegally hunting some rare animals and birds.

CASE REGISTERED: Motra police have registered a case against Muzafar alias Bhola who belongs to Qadiyani religion and resident of village Peero Chak-Motra Daska tehsil for promoting his religion through the use of loudspeakers. The case was registered Under Section 298-C on the report of Faisal Rasheed Gujar. The police have arrested the accused and sent him behind bars.