Public has been faced with great inconvenience and difficulties at the hands of patwaris of Jand Revenue Department who are creating unnecessary hurdle in mutation and transfer of land cases while the high-ups concerned have turned a blind to the malpractice.

According to details, despite the fact that a number of complaints attempted to approach the Jand Assistant Commissioner to get their “otherwise” legitimate problem addressed but to no avail as the AC attends to office seldom, giving virtually, the subordinate, especially the patwaris a free hand. One Altaf Khan, a resident of Jand told reporters that he approached patwari Bashir for transfer of a land case but he instead created unnecessary hurdles and most of the time used indecent and abusive language with him although the patwaris was supposed to do for what he had approached him. He alleged that property dealers and their touts were most of the time found present in the office of patwari. He demanded the Revenue Department high-ups to take notice of the misbehaviour and unprofessionalism of the patwaris and take effective measures to ensure service delivery to the public. He also demanded stern action against patwaris for creating hurdles in the land transfer cases to mint money.