Poverty, inequality and social unrest are the hallmarks of developing countries like ours. With each passing day, we see a rise in crime rate. It is the state’s responsibility to provide security and protection to the masses and also to maintain law and order but unfortunately we have seen lack of concern on the part of law enforcing agencies to bring charges against the culprits.

In this scenario, all practical steps along with a comprehensive monitoring system to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the police department are of vital importance. Special vigilance teams should be formed to oversee the performance of the department. Modern lines of investigating should be followed. I believe that a fundamental change in the current police system, a change which downgrades rising crimes rate, minimizes loss of wealth and valuables and safeguards human lives. There is a need for a conscious, conscientious and organized effort to meet the challenges of combating crime. Will the police department rise to the challenge or will the people have to take matters into their own hands and form private armies to curtail crime.

We badly need a new police who can fight crime on a different level.


Lahore, December 19.