Ambassador designate to the United States Makhdoom Jalil Ahmed Jilani said on Saturday that adoption of a resolution by the UN General Assembly against drone attacks was a significant success of Pakistan’s viewpoint on the issue and clear expression of international community’s opinion on legal status of drones.

He observed this while addressing the members of All Pakistan Bedsheet & Upholstry Manufacturers Association (APBUMA) here during a function organised in his honour. He assured the business community that he would make all out efforts to get Pakistani traders access to American markets. He was of the opinion that the US could compensate Pakistan by granting it free-access to American markets.

He told that businessmen that Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had asked the ambassadors and trade consulars to promote nation exports as their performance would be evaluated on the basis of total volume of exports in their respective country.

He said that winning GSP-plus status was a great achievement of Pakistan. He suggested to the industrialists and manufacturers to utilise this status for competing with other countries in European Union as Pakistani products would be exempted of 9.5 per cent duty.

He regretted that Pakistan lost attraction for foreign investments as a result of which both foreign direct and portfolio investments dropped considerably during last five years. “It’s because of poor law and order situation across,” he pointed out. He said that the direct investment used to be six to seven billion dollars in the past but it dropped to less than one billion dollars. He said that although the country was faced with multiple challenges like terrorism, corruption and other evils, it made significant in different areas in terms of free judiciary, independent and bold media.

He assured the business community that he would invite American businessmen to Multan. He said that Multani products were very popular in US and Europe thus Multan chamber with the collaboration of Lahore Chamber should organise lunch or dinner in the honour of ambassadors of these countries to introduce their products. He said that Multan’s mango would be introduced in American markets because its unique taste and flavour was matchless.