LAHORE - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that defeat of terrorists is a guarantee to peace and development of the country and government will eliminate those elements who want to create anarchy and lawlessness.

The prime minister said this during a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif at his Raiwind residence here on Sunday.

Nawaz said the country needed complete unity to confront the challenges. He said the PML-N governments at the federal and Punjab levels were working tirelessly day and night to resolve the problems and provide relief to the masses.

He hinted at taking measures in coming days which would help bring down inflation further.

The prime minister expressed his dismay that people had not got relief proportionate to reduction in PoL and electricity prices announced earlier by the government. He stressed the need for gearing up the machinery of the provincial governments to keep an eye on those who were plundering the poor masses. He particularly stressed the need for reduction in goods transport fares as that would bring down the prices of consumer items.

He said the morale of the security forces and people was high and they were determined to defeat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. He expressed the confidence that with the help of the army, law enforcement agencies and the cooperation of the people, the country would soon get rid of the menace of terrorism. He said the blood of Peshawar and other martyrs would not go in vain.

The two leaders also exchanged views on overall political and security situation in the country. Punjab chief minister briefed the prime minister about security situation in the province and said the entire administrative machinery and law enforcement agencies were alert to foil the designs of terrorists and other criminals. He said the police and other agencies were raiding hideouts of the terrorists.

The chief minister also informed the prime minister about development projects particularly those related to energy and infrastructure and hoped that their timely completion would help overcome load shedding.


A government spokesman on Sunday said that after terror attack in Peshawar, the Prime Minister was the first who took lead to immediately visit Peshawar and personally monitored the operation from Governor House.

He said that the Prime Minister immediately summoned All Parties Conference (APC) that was attended by the leaders of all political parties of the country. The conference gave the world a message that all of them were united in the war against terrorism.

While issuing the APC’s declaration, the Prime Minister said that all the political parties of Pakistan had admitted the fact that war against terrorism was their own war and for Pakistan’s security and stability.

He said that the parties had also resolved that the government,military and the people of Pakistan would continue this war against terrorism till the elimination of last terrorist.

After APC, the Prime Minister also clarified that there were no good or bad Talibans rather all of them were terrorists and enemies of the country as well as the nation. The spokesman said that the credit for unfreezing the implementation of death sentence to terrorists also goes to the Prime Minister.

He said that pursuing an effective foreign policy, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif improved bilateral ties with Afghanistan making both the countries understand each other’s point of view. Now both the countries were extending cooperation to each other in war against terrorism, he added.