My heart ached when I saw TTP’s claim on social media, where they gave reference of a Hadith to justify the merciless killing of innocent children. Telling the world such a heinous and monstrous act is permissible in our religion, has done nothing except making Islam a cruel religion in the eyes of the world. This manipulative approach has to end as it is bit by bit assassinating the character and philosophy of Islam and our Holy Prophet (SAW).

Islam, in no way, is the religion of cruelty, as the ideology itself revolves around compassion, piety, love, mercy and forgiveness. The entire life of Holy Prophet (SAW) is a proof that he truly was the ‘Rahmatul-lil-Alameen,’ a blessing for the whole world, where his mercy and compassion was not limited to his companions or Muslims. He indiscriminately showed mercy to non-Muslims, even to his enemies who committed dreadful crimes against Islam so how can anyone justify such cruelty?


Australia, December 18.