KAMALIA - Pakistan’s security agencies late on Sunday night, picked up a suspect for his alleged involvement in Peshawar army school massacre.

Alleged terrorist/facilitator, Mohammad Arshad, landed in the hands of agents after a raid on a house located in neighborhood Khursheed Abad. A laptop, a couple of mobile phones, maps, etc were seized by the intelligence agencies’ personnel after a thorough search of the suspect’s quarters.

Later, Arshad, who faces the charges of facilitating the schoolchildren slaughter, was taken away to an unknown location for interrogation. It is noteworthy that Arshad’s brother-in-law, who goes by the name of Mohammad Ashfaq, is also suspected to be one of the dozens of accomplices/abettors in Peshawar attack.

Not long ago, when police went after him for his having more than just ‘hand’ in Islamabad Marriot Hotel attack, Ashfaq, escaped to Afghanistan along with his wife. The fugitive terrorist is said to be actively operating from across the porous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, which allows his ilk to freely shuttle between the two countries.