Lily Allen buys her husband random gifts when she spots them, rather than birthday and anniversary presents.

The 29-year-old singer and Sam Cooper have two daughters, Ethel, two, and 22-month-old Marnie. When they aren’t working, most of their time is dedicated to the children, which is why they don’t pressure each other. ‘I do, but only because he hates shopping,’ Lily told British magazine Marie Claire, when asked if she dresses Sam.

‘We have a rule that we don’t buy Christmas, birthday or anniversary presents, but if we see things that we think each other will like, we’ll just buy them. We both have high-pressure jobs and haven’t got the time to dedicate a whole day to buying the right present. But equally I go shopping around the world and I might see something and think, ‘That’s nice...’‘

Lily took a break from music to get married and have her children. She returned with her third album Sheezus earlier this and has since been busy promoting it all over the world. While a lot has been made of the star’s supposed comeback, it’s not something she ever really thought about.

‘I didn’t really have any expectations to be honest. I’m having a laugh and it’s fun. I was away for four years, so in order to make people believe in me I have to hone my craft and make the best music I can and do the best shows I can,’ she explained. ‘I’m getting to sing songs that my fans are enjoying. The festival season was absolutely amazing. Opportunities have come along that I’m grateful for.’