ISLAMABAD - Showing flexibility in his earlier stance on the certain aspects of electoral rigging, PTI Chairman Imran Khan gave approval to his party's committee's recommendations to accept the government's offer regarding formulation of a judicial commission to probe May 2013 general elections.

PTI leaders deliberated over all aspects of the proposed commission – probably first of its kind to specifically investigate election rigging – which would be announced very soon, as per a member of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) core committee. "There are no differences anymore and now the only process left is use of 'suitable words' in the agreed draft," another member of the committee said.

The PTI's soft stance, particularly on the definition of rigging, is the result of government's gesture to form commission through presidential ordinance, as demanded by Imran Khan, who linked return of his party to assembly with the result of the commission, a PTI leader said.

Earlier, the government was insisting on constituting the commission either through the Pakistan Commission of Enquiry Act, 1956 or through an act of parliament.

"We are agreed on almost all the issues," Dr Arif Alvi said. He said that as per agreed points, a presidential ordinance would be issued for the judicial commission. Aliv said the apex court's recent verdict was not an obstacle in new legislation.

The petition filed by former judge of the court asking Supreme Court to annul the general election was declined on ‘technical grounds’ and it was not decided on merit by Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk led bench. "Now the government's committee accepted this during the talks," Alvi told The Nation. "The formation of judicial commission would be decided in our Monday's meeting,” he added.

PTI spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari, while briefing the media after the meeting, said, "A couple of points needed to be finalised for the establishment of the proposed commission". The party will have no objections if commission is formed through a presidential ordinance, she added.

During the meeting, PTI committee condemned proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other terrorist groups for "unleashing brutality" at Army Public School in Peshawar. Mazari said that the nation and the security forces were united against terrorism. The whole nation will continue to demonstrate unity against terrorists, she said.

Mazari said there was no precedence of Peshawar-like incident in the entire history of Pakistan. “No justification can be presented for this heinous crime.”

The spokesperson said that core committee touched upon several important issues including return of Afghan refugees from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Dr Alvi said that “we are with armed forces in this war”. Under the 'plan of action', presented by Dr Alvi in the meeting, the party would be further organised at every level to accumulate the benefit of over four-month sit-ins and protest against the parliament and the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.