He comes, he extorts and he leaves. He generally appears his police uniform. He does not have smile on his face. He callous, cruel and unlike Islamabad Capital Territory Police, which is classic, courteous and exemplary in many manners. He considers himself above the law, using his uniform to intimidate and oppress fruit and vegetable venders and hawkers. He comes on every weekly bazaar be it Friday, Sunday or Tuesday at Peshawar Mor ( H-9), Islamabad. He extorts notes, coins and shoppers from shopper – hawkers, many of them reported to be “Special persons” with various disabilities – and threatens to get fruit and vegetables from venders in the weekly bazaar. Those who resist or advise him not to do, both , male and female, including the CDA officers/ officials, all honorable citizens who come to the Sunday/ Friday or Tuesday weekly bazaar. He roughs them. He tortures them in the public. Those who know him they report that his name is Saifullah, ASI from I-9, Industrial Area Police Station. This police officer has become a symbol of brutality in the weekly bazaars. Like many others, I have seen and heard that all venders, daily wage earners and CDA staff cursing him. Such proverbial black sheep bring bad name to the ICT Police and make this well-groomed force contemptuous in the eyes of the citizens. We live in the 21st century, therefore, our police force is meant to be a democratic institution which exists to serve and protect citizens in the society and basically prevent said society from breaking out in chaos resulting from crimes.

However, the IGP Police, whom I have heard that he believes in an exemplary policing, ideal police –public partnership and best service delivery, should take a strict action the said ASI of I- 9 Police Station, against whom the complaints brutality are common in the weekly bazaars, who is maligning the soft image of ICT Police due to his indecent, abnormal and unlike ICT Police attitude and behavior.


Islamabad, November 23.