The library is the temple of learning,

and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history.

–Carl T Rowan

Carl T Rowan was an African American journalist, government official and author who believed greatly in the power of literacy. The women’s movement for equality and greater rights is a result of greater awareness due to being educated about the only basic human difference between the two genders is in fact only biological. Similarly, problems like the lack of religious tolerance, which seems to be one of the major problems the world faces in this day and age, can be countered via educating the people to broaden their mindsets and to force them to evolve their conservative ideologies. It is shocking however, that globally, despite achieving progress, these problems still prevail because of the ignorance of basic principles taught by education.

The idea that Carl T Rowan tries to propagate could, to a great degree, be rationality of the human mind because of literacy. The ability for an individual to come to an informed decision or have a progressive thought process in everyday life because of having the capabilities to approach problems and ideas from different levels. Surely, having a certain level of rationality is important for people in powerful positions across the world –governors, ministers, head of states etc. By virtue of them being influential, they have the power to turn the course of events and possibly prevent conflict and promote cooperation. The idea of liberation from many issues prevalent in today’s society is one that everyone and everywhere should aspire to achieve.