Beware of fake news, manufactured to make you believe otherwise: The liberation of Syria’s largest city from the clutches of sponsored terrorists is clearly a reason to celebrate. Besides spurring positive developments on the ground, it should mark the fall of the false narrative on Syria propagated by the US cabal; a narrative that has now chosen to describe the liberation of the city as its fall. If this doesn’t serve as the last straw that broke the back of western propaganda, one wonders what would.

On the ground, it is a major victory for the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian and Iranian allies, the core of a peace coalition that is helping stabilise Syria. The gory game of the two-faced US-led coalition, and its various brands of proxy terrorists, is as good as over. The liberation of Aleppo should serve as the last big nail in the coffin of the brutal regime-change game that has filled the beautiful country of Syria with rubble, death and displacement.

The good news is that the peace coalition in Syria is expanding. A high level Russia-Iran-Turkey trilateral huddle on Syria took place in Moscow earlier this week. Instead of creating a glitch in the emerging alliance, the terrorist attack on the Russian Ambassador in Ankara further strengthened their resolve to cooperate on counter-terrorism and Syria. The three countries are jointly aiding the evacuation of citizens from Eastern Aleppo as we speak.

Whether the terrorist who targeted Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was just a misguided zealot inspired by fake news about Aleppo’s ‘fall’ and acting on his own or planted by the shady intelligence networks of the US cabal to scuttle the Russia-Iran-Turkey meetings scheduled to take place in Moscow the next day, we will find out in the coming days. What matters for now is that the terrorist attack failed to throw the trilateral alliance off course. If anything, coordination among the three countries on Syria is growing faster than before.

The package of strength, sincerity, determination and patience with which Russia has come to Syria’s aid is not just remarkable, it is heroic. Back in September 2015, it was the Russian Airforce that broke the back-bone of terrorist infrastructure in Syria and thus changed the dynamics of war in the country to the advantage of the Syrian Arab Army. On the diplomatic front as well, Russia has taken international and multilateral initiatives that have boosted the prospects of peace in Syria. And Russia has paid the cost of saving Syria with utmost grace.

Ambassador Korlov is not the first Russian citizen who has been martyred while working for the cause of peace in Syria. Lest we forget: The first Russian martyr serving the cause of peace in Syria was Oleg Peshkov, the pilot of the downed SU-35 for whose death Turkish President Erdogan has since apologised. More recently, Nadezhda Durachenko and Galina Mikhailova, two nurses providing humanitarian aid in Aleppo were also martyred. The list doesn’t end here.

So, should Putin’s Russia keep turning the other cheek forever? In a world ruled by the law of the jungle, where might is right and day is night, should Russia abide by the UN rules? In a world turned topsy-turvy by deceit and greed, where acts of sabotage and subversion are perpetrated every day to maintain a blood-soaked hegemony, should Russia’s actions to resist the rotten world order be constrained by high standards of moral and human values? While keeping the high moral ground, should it not pay back in the same coin?

At the end of the day, to my mind, the US-Russia impasse is not only about balancing power between the two. There are bigger issues for humankind at stake. Russia is upholding the idea of international law and morality, some agreed upon rules to which all parties abide. Clearly, this is necessary for ending wars wrought by the deceptive and unilateralist badmashi of the US cabal. The problem is that Uncle Sam is not interested in changing its immoral and above-the-law behaviour that has destroyed many nations.

One thing is certain: Wherever he is invested, Uncle Sam won’t go home that easily. In Syria, he would drag his feet and cling to the last dregs of influence his proxies afford him in his regime-change plans. Uncle Sam will keep dropping ammunition for the terrorists till he drops dead. He would send them more military advisors to guide their barbaric war against the badgered citizens and state of Syria.

Uncle Sam would unleash his dark wizards like John Kerry and Boris Johnson and mainstream mouthpieces like CNN and BBC, to keep the war raging in Syria, to keep subverting reality with false narratives and keep lying about the ‘fall’ of Aleppo and ‘atrocities’ committed by Syrian soldiers against civilians they are actually rescuing from the US-sponsored terrorists who used them as human shields, terrorists who chopped off the heads of their children.

Uncle Sam would back off only when comprehensively defeated on the ground. He would keep fighting his evil wars to his last terrorist proxy. He would keep playing his gory games. As the Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated Aleppo, Uncle Sam herded terrorists from Raqqa and the neighbouring Iraqi town of Mosul to attack the ancient city of Palmyra that had been liberated from the clutches of the terrorists earlier this year.

The question is: If the US cabal can blatantly unleash and aid mercenary militants against sovereign governments, what’s wrong with assisting those fighting against illegal occupations of the US and its above-the-law unipolar partners? Why shouldn’t we arm the citizens of Afghanistan fighting for freedom from US-occupation and its puppet regime, Kashmiris resisting the illegal Indian occupation and Palestinians resisting the illegal Israeli occupation?

At the upcoming China-Russia-Pakistan huddle on Afghanistan in Moscow, other than strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation, the emergent trilateral alliance should seriously consider more proactive ways of ending the terrorism-spawning US-occupation of the country. They should be alert to schemes of sabotage that could be perpetrated by the US cabal to scuttle the trilateral summit or dilute its significance.