The Supreme Court of Pakistan recently announced that none of the Law Colleges or universities are now allowed to enroll new students in the Law department without them passing the Law Admission Test (LAT) which would be conducted by HEC. We totally agree that Law is a professional programme and should have a proper system for student’s selection.

But HEC failed to conduct the LAT test. It was announced that in September, last week the test would be conducted but it hasn’t been conducted yet. The law students have been in deep trouble and are unable to continue their education due to the absence of a law test. Turbat University’s Law department had started preparatory classes for LLB year 5 students but the students seemto be losing interest due to the HEC’s failure to conduct the LAT.

The newly appeared Law students of Turbat humbly request the head of HEC to have systemic rules and regulations to conduct LAT on the exact date. We expect that HEC gives the test date soon now although it is already too late.


Turbat, December 10.