LAHORE : Mehran Commercial Enterprises has announced to install a new line for manufacturing of “floor mats” to be provided to HINO Pak Motors for their new products. To launch this line, the company organized a ceremony to commemorate the individuals who provided their influence, cooperation and hard work towards making this technical agreement possible. The event’s chief guest was the Council General of the Indonesian embassy Totok Prianamto, with the guest of honor Makoto Hosoda, head of Supply Chain Div. for Hinopak Motors Ltd. Chief Executive of Mehran Commercial Enterprises Qammurddin Khan at the ceremony thanked the efforts of the Council General of the Indonesian Consulate and the cooperation of the HINO PAK MOTOR CO management team that was involved in finalizing the initial order for the HINO FJ1J Prime Mover.  Ghazanfer Khan, during his speech, confirmed that this was Phase 1 of the technical agreement with the next phase starting in a few months.

The technical collaboration is an example for the rest of the industry to capitalize on opportunities to upgrade their technologies as they must stay on top of their game to compete with the international competition progressing vigorously in the field of engineering. Mehran Commercial Enterprises is vigorously trying to achieve milestones in the export market by exporting their brand to different parts of the globe in the future. They have high visions to achieve this with the help of Hino Pak who can help in exporting this product on to the supply chains of other manufacturing facilities worldwide.