It hurts me to see that despite being a well-known historical place in Balochistan, Meeri-e-Kalat is infinitely incompetent in term of facilities. It is situated in Kalag’s village which is in Turbat.

In fact, Meeri-e-Kalat is in dire need of some adjustments.. By observing the circumstances of Meeri-e-Kalat, majority of people express remorse after their visit.

No doubt, historical places give pleasure and relief. But it seems like in Balochistan, mostly historical places are in miserable conditions. However, Meeri-e-Kalat is not the only place which is bounded by ignorance, we can find several other historical places in provinces that are neglected. This is the worst sign for the country of Pakistan.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the Balochistan’s government to look into this menace and provide some benefits for the historical places of Balochistan in order to sustain the historical places


Turbat, December 12.