I would like to state my opinion on plastic products. The use of plastic products has increased dramatically in recent years. Many companies have joined the industry and many other types of plastic have been manufactured. Companies see plastics as simpler and cheaper than other materials. Plastic become the cause of death. Discouraging the use of plastic products is really important.

We produce and use plastic objects wildly. At home we eat with plastic utensils. Instead of sludge cans for drinking water, we use plastic coolers. We also store our spices and other consumer goods in plastic containers and bowls. We drink bottled water every day, we use mobile plastic bags, students bring plastic boxes to school and the chips we buy are packed in plastic packaging.

Nowadays ovens are becoming trendy. We use plastic bowls in ovens. A hot thing in plastic is very dangerous for human lives. Improper disposal of plastic product is harmful for water bodies. Scattered plastic materials are also harmful to the animals because they eat them and die.

I appeal to the persons and authorities concerned to consider the problem and to ban plastic bags in the city. The need of the hour should replace the plastic with environmentally friendly materials. We all need to join our hands to overcome this threat and preserve our beautiful surroundings. We must stop using plastic completely.


Lahore, December 11.