Climate change is a serous issue not only in Pakistan but the world over. Global warming and climate change are on its peak in the country.

The long-term Global Climate Risk index ranks Pakistan the 7th most affected country in the world going through climate crisis. The country went to a whooping loss of US $ 3816.82million from 1997 to 2016 owing to climate change. The total global greenhouse gas contribution of the country is a meagre 1% but it is still vulnerable to climate change. The country still struggles to fight climate change owing to its low technical and financial capacity. Climate change remains a major threat to our survival.

Keeping in view the adverse consequences of it, the land is crowded with plastic and trash, smoke-prone vehicles are in abundance, and rivers are polluted , giving a tough time to the marine life in pakistan. Our youth is non-serious aboute rise in global warming. Studying about climate change must be compulsory in our educational curriculum.

We can learn a great lesson from Italy. The Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti, of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement of Italy made studying about climate change compulsory in every school level. 33 hours of the year will be allocated to study about issues concerning the climate, being the first country to promote education about climate. Protecting the climate change must be one of the topmost priorities of not merely the government but people the most.