Parents are a major source of learning for a child. A child spends his or her initial years of life with their parents. The behaviour and overall performance of a child depends upon on the training given by their parents. There are certain necessary things which parents should focus for raising and training their child for living a good life and as well as in educational system.

Parents should be aware of his or her child that how to make their child socialize, how to educate them, how to take care of them, how to influence them in a positive way so that the child can adopt good habits and most importantly, considering the best steps helpful for their education system. Moreover, giving much attention to the child means spending time with them, guiding them and preventing them from unhealthy activities.

Through the psychology states those children who are deprived of their parents attention develop many personality disorders which appears in them at a later or high stage. Parents should encourage their children by spending time with them, enquiring about their studies, holding discussion and it’s help a child to builds up the confidence level and increase their interest in studies. It they don’t perform well in study or get low marks in examinations so parents should not rebuke their child. They will be demovited and discourage and this leads to a child feel losing the will to succeed. Parents should always encourage their child to make more efforts in achieving their goal and always appreciate their child it they does a good performance.