Every individual is smitten in different matters, but the world’s biggest challenge in the 21th century is the air pollution and it is the most serious threat to global health. It is estimated that air pollution is one of the fifth leading risk factors for mortality worldwide.

Around 7 million people become succumb of it globally. Also, the mortality and life expectancy reduction rates are affected by the air pollution. This is the factor that contributes more deaths than others, like malnutrition, alcohol use, and physical inactivity.

The main causes are responsible of it, indoor and outdoor air pollution. Indoor air is the fuel that is burned in homes cooking and heating that creates health problems, such as pneumonia, heart disease, asthma and cancer. On the other hand, outdoor air is energy sources, like transports, energy generation, industry.

Mostly, developing countries face these issues than developed ones because they have no proper solution. Also, more users of new technologies and fossil fuels are developed countries that changed the climate that have led the other developing or under developing countries backward. Now, they have/are controlled it, but developing countries have no more source of controlling it. So, the one solution for reducing the pollution is to increase the price of fuels because nowadays fuel is consumed more. In this way, it can be expected a shift of cleaner energy sources.