Power-hungry Maulana led JUI (F) leadership is seriously and sincerely advised to avoid stepping on wrong foot, keep on staging dharna in Islamabad as long as they want and do not give their protest any ugly turn.

JUI(F) workers are sitting in the federal capital for many days and realizing that the federal government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan is unmoved are now trying to give rather an ugly and turn to their protest by blocking major highways throughout the country in furtherance of demand of PM’s resignation and stepping down of his government thus paving the way for new mid-term general elections.

According to the reports on electronic media, they have already blocked a highway in Balochistan province by creating obstructions thus stopping transit trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan besides blocking the way for hundreds of passenger buses, cars and trucks on the roads.

They are resorting to such unconstitutional, illegal and anti-people extra-ordinary step without realizing that by resorting to this not so welcome step they are creating problems for hundreds of thousands of people including men, women and children travelling in cars and buses and blocking supply line of essential daily use articles between major and small cities ad towns across the country more than causing problems and difficulties to the federal and provincial governments established under the law.

People had rejected the Maulana party in the last general elections and these anti-people activities would create more hatred against them among the masses at large.

Prior to start of the Azadi March, the roads were blocked by the provincial governments and the superior courts had got these removed through their orders. The superior courts are requested to take suo motto notice of what the protestors are doing to create problems for the people at large throughout the country