The book written by reporter David Sanger has caused a huge controversy. Former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, has vehemently denied having done any double-dealing with America and has called this a conspiracy to weaken the Pakistan Army and ISI. A Belgium-based political analyst Faisal Mohammad who has analyzed the book has also called it "nothing but a bundle of lies and misconceptions". In fact, a year before this book came out, Faisal Mohammad had praised the successful diplomacy of the former President in most glowing terms. He had also pointed out at that time that US was pressurizing Musharraf to do more and legitimize the drone attacks on tribal areas. Musharraf's two-track diplomacy balanced the US pressure on the one hand and exacerbated the attack on Taliban on the other. That way, the extreme approach of the former President Bush was nullified and the pressure was balanced out. This is what has been misjudged and misinterpreted by David Sanger. Mr. Sanger should understand the sensitivity of the matter. Things that he has reported are never discussed on telephone. That is why Musharraf has rejected his account so brusquely calling it an international conspiracy against Pakistan army and ISI. -ABDUL SHAKOOR ABI HASSAN, Kuwait, via e-mail, February 20.