Although there is never any last word as far as politics is concerned since everything is possible in "love and war" Yet as things have finally emerged after hours of talks between the lawyers leadership and Nawaz Sharif and his aids at Raiwind, the PML-N has finally decided to join the Long March due in the second week of March. "No matter what the price is, we will not budge an inch till the reinstatement of deposed judges," said PML-N chief. The details of ML-N's decision instantly splashed in the national and international media. This amounts to the drawing of the lines for the emerging political battles ahead. It is too early to forecast the result of the emerging political war which may suck in the whole region because of external factors which are bound to exploit this internal rift between the ruling party and all the opposition parties, riding on the shoulders of the lawyers who are disappointed due to the non-fulfilment of their demand about the reinstatement of CJ Chaudhry and other deposed judges of the higher judiciary. PML-N's decision to join the Long March followed by a Dharna (sit-in) on the Constitution Avenue was not taken without applying full thought to the implications of the split between the ruling alliance and the opposition. The timing of the division with the federal government, the Parliament and the higher judiciary in the shape of the existing pillars of state is implied in the Long March followed by the Dharna, till such time that the demands of the lawyers are met. It goes without saying that it is the democratic right of any individual or group to protest against any policy of the government or any issue of public interest in a peaceful manner. This is enshrined in the constitution as a basic right of the citizens. This can be done through pubic meetings, processions etc. However, considering the present law and order situation on the whole and in certain areas close to the capital being in a state of insurgency, increase the risk many fold. It is therefore to be hoped that a mutual way is met which allows the flood waves of the protest (Long March followed by a Dharna) to pass under the bridge without endangering the state structure. The previous Long March to Islamabad followed this course of protest but later dispersed without a sit-in and was confined to the lawyers' only unlike the present magnitude and dimension of the protest of the lawyers augmented by the combined opposition. The present March has threatened to assume the dangerous proportions of a national movement against the present government. It is possible that the demand for mid-term election would naturally emerge out of a successful Long March and a sustained sit-in for over a prolonged period of time. Whether it would be possible is hard to predict. My point is whether the federal government is confidence to allow the ML N-led government in Punjab to conveniently and freely allow the protesters to move in Punjab culminating safely in the federal capital. According to a prompt response from the presidency to the PML-N's statement on Friday evening, the President House spokesman has termed the decision as 'immature'. Many observers make no secret of the impending sword of disqualification against the Sharif brothers in the Supreme Court. It is said that as the perception is more important than the truth, PML-N's decision to join the Long March and Dharna after the likely disqualification factor will create a wrong perception of the court's verdict. This was not an easy decision for Nawaz, but he has chosen to cast the dye according to the assessment of his aids. In a situation fraught with such grave consequences in view of the situation on Pakistan's western and eastern borders and the developments in FATA and Swat: "Fears may prove liars and hopes could be dopes," said Shakespeare. Restraint on both sides may still provide a ray of hope. Rushing into a rift may lead to any irreparable damage to the entire system including democracy for the restoration of which the whole nation has suffered so many sacrifices since the birth of Pakistan. Let us therefore hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum E-mail: