Reports published in newspapers on February 5 tell of the probe by Ch. Nisar's Public Accounts Committee into irregularities committed by PIA in purchase of Being 777. The PIA in-house committee had recommended the purchase of A340s but at the last minute, the airline was instructed by Islamabad to go for Boeing 777 instead despite the fact that it entailed payment of hundreds of millions of dollars more. While it is obvious this could only be done with the consent of the all-powerful uniformed President, it is rather ironic that Ch Nisar has conveniently forgotten the role of Brigadier (Retd) Niaz. The Brigadier is Pakistan's Adnan Khasogi who seems to have cordial relations with every one that matters in this country, including the Sharif brothers. The other irregularities also involve millions of dollars. It is obvious that hundreds of millions of dollars were siphoned off from this deal to private bank accounts, otherwise villas and hundreds of acres of farmland could not have been purchased by the former first family's son in USA, UK, Dubai and Canada. The PAC needs to conduct a transparent inquiry into other irregularities in PIA and Pakistan Railways too. Just the commissions made by the former junta in these departments would shame the most famous swindlers. -GULL ZAMAN, Kohat, via e-mail, February 6.