THE PML-N has finally overcome reservations regarding the lawyers' sit-in that had led it to keep the final decision about participation pending. Mian Nawaz Sharif has assured the leaders of the movement who met him on Friday that his party would wholeheartedly take part in both the march and the sit-in and was in fact ready to go a sep further for the cause of the judiciary. He also called on all patriotic citizens to take part in the march and the sit-in. Taking the decision has not been easy as the party is committed simultaneously not to destabilize the government and work for the restoration of the deposed judges. Before awarding tickets to its lawmakers the party had required them to take an oath that if elected they would support the restoration of the deposed judges. The decision came after a three-hour-long meeting with the leaders of protesting lawyers and a subsequent brainstorming session of the PML-N bigwigs. The stand was ratified on Saturday by the party's General Council. The aim of the protesting lawyers is to get deposed CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry restored by a march and a subsequent sit-in in front of Parliament House in Islamabad. President Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmad Kurd has vowed not to leave the capital till the aim is achieved. With the government still adamant, the goal seems nowhere near. With the political parties also getting involved in the movement, the number of the participants will increase. The lawyers leadership would, however, be required to modify its strategy. Mian Nawaz Sharif has proposed that the lawyers start their protest from Lahore and march all the way to Islamabad on foot, gathering crowds on the way. Clarifications are being sought regarding the time frame of the sit-in. Meanwhile the government has reacted strongly to Mian Nawaz Sharif's decision to join the sit-in. Calling the decision immature, President Zardari's spokesman Farhatullah Babar has clarified that the government would never allow a sit-in in the capital. Federal Minister Wattoo has hinted at government change in Punjab in case of the PML-N joining the protest. Early this month President Zardari assured the PPP legislators they need not worry about the lawyers' agitation as he would resolve the issue in his own way. There are no indications of any move having been made in the direction, with the result that a collision between the lawyers and opposition seems to be inevitable. The situation the country is currently facing requires that the government and the lawyers reach an understanding on the issue of the restoration of deposed CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry before March 12. Both sides need to display realism and flexibility to reach a mutually acceptable accord. The country can ill afford a civil strife of any kind.