PPP government has totally backed down from its earlier stance regarding the deposed judges. Likewise, it has also backtracked from its avowed commitment for the annulment of Nov 2, 2007 PCO. It is, thus, assumed all round that that under some fake pretext, it will definitely also alter its stance regarding the repeal of the 17th amendment and particularly the 58(2)b clause, as enunciated in the CoD, about which they have repeatedly proclaimed their resolve. All the above commitments were made by Benazir Bhutto during her lifetime and PPP leaders repeatedly and publicly called them 'sacred pledges of the Shaheed' and vowed their fulfillment. The PPP leaders have now eschewed all promises of Benazir are instead making a new vow in virtually all their public gatherings and functions. They are now saying that they "will take forward the mission of BB". What mission? This is as ridiculous as it sounds. The simple-minded, emotional and blindly loyal Jiyalas, though, have fallen for this ludicrous formulation as they continue to chant and dance to the shallow rhetoric of the PPP leaders. Some people are destined to be fooled all the time. -ANWAR JALAL, Peshawar, via e-mail, February 4.