One of the benchmarks for evaluating the civic sense in a society is their consideration for handicapped persons. Developed societies attach a lot of importance to welfare of handicapped sections of population. Special seats are allocated in public transports, airlines and railways for handicapped individuals in virtually all countries of the world except a few exceptions like Pakistan. On my recent visit to one of the most prestigious clubs located on Lahore's Upper Mall Road, I was most impressed to notice space reserved for handicapped persons' vehicles in the parking area adjacent to the main entrance. My joy, though, was short-lived. Moments later, I saw a black limousine coming to a reserved parking for handicapped. Out came an immaculately dressed man wearing a suit and tie with matching kerchief. He swiftly walked up the steps of the building totally oblivious to shock of all around. In a country where educated people behave worse than illiterates, there is something seriously wrong with the values system of the society. Of late the privileged members of our society have started to consider it a measure of their stature to violate law and basic civic norms. They break lines to get preferential treatment, bend rules as a matter of routine and behave as if rules are to be followed only by citizens of lesser clout. This tendency would only be curtailed if authorities in every tier of the society show zero tolerance for those who display a lack of civic sense. These are the basic values preached by every religion and taught by every school, college or university. -RAHAT SIDDIQI, Karachi, via e-mail, February 1.