LAHORE - Deviation of Pakistani literary icons from the offshoots of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit languages that influenced Urdu literature significantly is the chief cause of our current downfall in literature. Our intelligentsia, media personnel, public in general and government should have to adopt a mutual strategy for the promotion of our Muslim culture and Urdu literature. Renowned Urdu poets Arshad Shaheen and Shahid Makli expressed these views at The Nation Forum here on Sunday. They said that commercialism and private production had nothing to do with the quality of a drama, as almost every film director or a drama producer was taking interest in his/her profit. Arshad Shaheen said that Urdu literature was enriched with literary works by famous poets and writers like Amir Khusro, Wali Dakni, Meer, Saoda, Meer Hassan, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ahmad Faraz. All these writers were inspired from Persian and Arabic literature. Except Pakistan - where it flourished - novel is the most popular part of literature all over the world especially in European countries, as it highlights different aspects of human emotions and society as a whole, he added. Chinese love their language, and their leaders prefer to have a translator along with their visiting delegations, he observed, adding that our political leaders used to speak English even in front of their illiterate masses, merely due to their inferiority complex. Replying to a question regarding polishing poetic skills of youth, Arshad said that Khalid Ahmad was the only veteran poet, who rendered his services for this noble cause. I see revival of drama, poem, Ghazal, short story and novel within a decade in future, he remarked and added, but we have to change our attitude towards our language. Shahid Makli said on the occasion that 'fame was not the actual way of judging literature so young poets first should develop their skills by studying literature. He said that social problems in Pakistan during the last 15 years had diverted the attention of the people attached to literature. He further said now the life style of poets and literary people was improved and almost all of them were highly educated so it was wrong to consider them lazy and outdated people.