KARACHI (PPI) - Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Ms Sharmila Farooqui has directed Provincial Education Secretary to take effective steps for stopping private schools from charging the fees of coming June-July months of summer vacation besides ensuring registration of private schools. The private schools have issued directives to the parents of students to submit June-July fees in March and April in advance which is unjustified act. There is no justification to charge fee of two-month summer vacation as no government school charges it, she informed this while talking to a parents delegation here on Sunday. Sharmila said that it is irony that hundreds of unregistered schools are being operated in Karachi and interior Sindh, affecting the standard of education system. The majority of private schools are being operated in small buildings which are unfit for education atmosphere and is violation of education rules and regulations. This kind of atmosphere degrades mentality of students as compared to the students of big school buildings which also have playgrounds. It has been checked that most of private schools comprise two to four small rooms and have no playground and open compound. She said that there is also need to make private schools mandatory for arranging open space buildings with more than four rooms. She also directed all EDOs Education to play their due role for raising literacy rate in backward areas of Sindh because about 72 percent children are out of schools in 10 districts of Sindh. Sharmila asked the relevant officials to take action against unregistered private schools and ensure their registration. No one would be allowed to ruin the education system, she warned. The advisor directed EDOs to launch campaigns across Sindh to check the standard of education in the private schools and initiate their accountability so as to ensure quality education. There are many private schools, which are paying very low salaries to the teachers that ranges from Rs1000 to 3000 per month, which is could not be said as salary but termed as stipend. If such a meagre salary is paid to teachers then there is clear that they would not teach students properly. She also directed the administration of private schools to raise pay reasonable salaries to teachers so that they provide quality education to the children who are the future builders of the country. The advisor said that 1,700 schools are without buildings in Sindh as a result children are getting education under an open sky, while 7700 schools are still closed across the province due to apathy of influential people of the areas in the backward areas of the province. However, efforts are underway to open more closed schools, she assured. The present PPP government is committed to boost education system in the country and it is for the first time in the history of the country that seven percent of the GDP has been allocated for education against the two percent in the past, she said.