ISLAMABAD Two officials of the Frontier Constabulary (FC) on Sunday allegedly thrashed three citizens and opened fire on one of them, which left him injured. According to police, the incident occurred at Noor Pur Shahan, a suburb of the Capital. Eyewitness said that two men of the FC used to stand in front of a house, reason best known to them. According to them, on Sunday when they were standing in front of the said house, a person, Nadeem, came there and asked the FC men to leave the spot as his family members particularly females facing problems due to their presence. They exchanged harsh words and all of the sudden, the FC men started thrashing Nadeem and his brother with their guns. During the brawl, another brother of Nadeem also reached there. On this, the FC men opened fire which hit Zaheers leg, the eyewitness added. Zahoor, the elder brother of Zaheer, while talking to TheNation at the PIMS, said that the FC men used to stay in front of his house and, on Sunday, when they were asked to leave the area, they thrashed his brothers and opened fire on one of them. He said that after the brawl, the FC men kidnapped his brother Waseem and tortured him at the FC camp and finally they let him go when hundreds of inhabitants of the area gathered around the FC camp situated in the same locality. However, the injured Zaheer, who received bullet injuries, was rushed to the PIMS where he is being treated and his brother Waseem, who was beaten by gun, is being treated at the Polyclinic. The FIR of the incident has been registered with the Secretariat Police Station against two FC men, Rehman Ullah and Taj Wali. Police said that both the accused had been arrested and further investigations were being interrogated.