RIYADH (AFP) - A Saudi student on Sunday blasted US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for skirting her question on Israels nuclear arsenal during a town hall meeting at a Jeddah college. I did not get a straight answer, Mariyam Alavi said in a letter published in Arab News on her question to the top US diplomat last Tuesday. My question was simple and direct enough, she wrote, but Hillarys response was very unsatisfying. Alavi, a 12th grader at the International Indian School in Jeddah, attended the meeting at the elite Dar al-Hekma College with six classmates. She had asked Hillary about Washingtons stance on the existence of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. If the Americans so vehemently oppose Irans nuclear programme, she had asked, then why isnt the US asking Israel to give up their nuclear weapons? Hillary gave a lengthy answer detailing the US case against Iran, but did not mention Israel. She did, however, say that we want not only a world free of nuclear weapons, we want a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, including everyone. Alavis Arab News letter assailed US hypocrisy over the issue, reflecting a widely held sentiment in the region. (Hillary) Clinton said that the US, under the able leadership of President Barack Obama, was trying to repair and strengthen its ties with the Muslim World. It is high time she realised it couldnt be done without answering the questions uppermost in the minds of the Middle East people. Contacted by AFP, Alavi said she had been nervous about asking such a politically provocative question but was then encouraged by strong applause from the audience when she addressed Hillary.