LAHORE - The third week of February 2010 ushered the spring despite persistent dry weather and minimal winter rain in the month before the season. However, spring has set in with all its colours and attractions. Sunday remained the hallmark of spring spree in the City when the people swamped the parks and recreational places. The largest crowd was witnessed at the Lahore Zoo where a record number of visitors were seen. Among the visitors at the zoo, mostly were children and women, who got amused with the tricks shown by the animals, besides enjoying the sunny day of winter which was giving a feeling of warmness in the cool winds. The visiting families particularly children were also delighted to see a large number and various kinds of beautiful birds, bestowed with different colours including, peacocks, pigeons, hens, parrots and other elegant birds, residing in their enclosures at the zoo. The visitors, who came with edibles for their refreshment including fruits, cold drinks and meal, stayed there for many hours as most of them remained at the zoo till evening. However, those who could not come with such preparations, had to face problems due to closure of canteen at the zoo. Unavailability of refreshment items at such a recreational place disappointed them and such visitors could not enjoy their trip of zoo in real sense. On the other hand, a large number of people also thronged the other recreational places in the City including Shalamar Garden, Jinnah Park, Racecourse Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Jahangir Tomb, Bara Dari of Kamran located in the middle of River Ravi and other places near to their residential areas. The picnickers enjoyed a lot while walking and sitting at such recreational places particularly lush green parks and gardens. Such a beautiful, environment-friendly and free of pollution atmosphere doubled their amusement and made their picnics worth enjoying. Some families, while expressing their feelings said that the trend of arranging picnics and visiting such recreational places was declining among the people due to law and order situation and fear of terrorism in the country. They said that the people now avoid such visits despite having the passion and desire to get amused by visiting such beautiful places in the City with their families. Some expressed their dissatisfaction on the sufficient security arrangements at such public places and demanded that the government should make foolproof security arrangements at such public places so that citizens could enjoy their lives.