KARACHI - Sunni Tehreek Chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri has said that Jihadi elements have tarnished not only our image across the world but have made the life of even school-going children hell. They are attacking mosques, law enforcement agencies offices and bazaars, to say, there is no place that these so-called jihadis belonging to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi or Sipa-e-Sahaba and other terrorists network are not attacking across the country. He expressed these views during an exclusive Interview with TheNation. The ST chief said that it has been active in Karachi politics since the time it emerged as religious party. To a question about getting rid of terrorism and government strategy to curb it, he said, In these modern times when everything can be gauged and sorted out why do we not protect our country from terror but not all things happen on the spur of the moment we have to draw our attention over the significant development occurred in the past and historically if we take a look at sub-continental past we find that Akbar also tried to enforce his own model of sharia by the means of hook and crook but it was failed why? Because you can not always get successful even on righteous front so how can you successfully impose your own frame of mind on others or your own form of religion or ideology. I think our policies which are still continued to date which mainly based on supporting or working on foreign agendas. We have been used by foreign lords in Afghanistan where our own people formed the networks of Wahabi based Jihadis now they have flourished that much that now they are a threat to the states power. Those who, started calling themselves Mujahadeen were mainly funded and our intelligence agencies supporting them all-out recently not very long ago Hilary Clinton addressing to American congress has endorsed the fact the several American government in past supported and funded wahabi based religious elements to fight against USSR in Afghanistan and it was America who led USSR to get defeated in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan. He said regarding a question of reasons behind current spate of terrorism in the country who he put blames or consider as responsible, he shared his views that The terrorism and terrorist activities in our countries have flourished due to polices in past. We were taking dictation from past to breed and train so-called Jihadi and now see what these Jihadi are doing all across the country. There is a bomb blast every day somewhere in Pakistan. The only solution exist in my point of view to eradicate terrorism from the country that we as nation should bring a revolutionary changes in our policies and stop all foreign dictations our policies should based on our own interest. Policies of our government must not give priority to such elements that promotes hatred in the society on the basis of basis of religion, caste and creed. Talking about his party efforts for harmony among Sunni Factions he said yes off course our party has always been doing efforts to have unity among all Sunni parties and groups. Our party has given sacrifices from top most leadership too many of our workers have lost their lives struggling to create harmony and peace in our country. Our party believes in strong unity among all school of thoughts differences in opinion do not mean to set a deep seated hatred for each other what religious teaches us is to give space to all approaches towards religion. The ST leader said about previously spread news that Sunni Tehreek will form a political party he gave his word that we have achieved many of our targets for and our efforts have proven successful in this regard, recently we have formed an Inqilab-Pasand Group which is going to contest the forthcoming local bodys poll and Sunni Itehad Council has also joined as an ally /partner to contest the poll. We are also keenly working to bring other Sunni groups under the umbrella of this platform so that a broader alliance could be formed. We expect that more party will join in and this time we are going to come out as big influential group in the election. When he was asked about the coming month of Rabi Ul Awal and security concerns he expressed that As you know we have recently organized a very big conference in which thousands of people participated at Nashtar Park and we marked it as the begging of Rabi Ul Awal programs therefore urged the government to provide sound security to all the processions and gatherings of the Rabi Ul ceremonies. He said that we have reservations as far as security measures are concerned recent bombing incidents suggest and hint that extremists involved in conducting suicidal blast may find processions as their soft target on the day of 12 RabiUl-Awal. Therefore we have asked government many times that present situation in which bomb blasts and suicidal attacks occurring every other day and chances of any attacks are bigger than ever before, therefore it should take all necessary steps to protect the humble followers of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who will come out in millions of numbers to celebrate their beloveds birth day celebrations Finally he shared his message to all Pakistanis and said that My message for all my brethren is that we should show complete loyalty and sincerity with our country and must not spoiled the true value of brotherhood exist among us as being a Muslims. We as nation can only fight terrorism by developing and making education available to all in the country. Our party has a mission to spread education and provide it to all and sundry without any discrimination because when we are good human then we will easily have good followers of all religion a good human being will always be a good Muslim and christen but a bad Muslim and bad christen could not be a good human being. The education can get rid of us from terrorism.