LAHORE - Major issues confronted by the people including the energy crisis, inflation, unemployment and worst law and order situation will play an important role in deciding the fate of upcoming by-polls of NA-123. People of NA-123 talking to this scribe on Sunday during a visit of the said constituency were of the view that they direly need permanent solution of their problems that include energy crisis, inflation, unemployment and worst law and order situation, besides the local problems of the said constituency. Local issues faced by the said constituency include dilapidated roads, encroachments, shortage of public parks, high crime rate and poor sewerage facilities in some areas. However, fielding a local candidate from NA-123 was also among the demands of the people of the constituency. PTI and PML-Q have fielded Mian Hamid Miraj and Mian Tahir Siddique respectively for NA-123 by-polls and both belong to the same constituency. However, PML-N and JI have given tickets to Pervaiz Malik and Hafiz Suleman Butt and the two contenders are outsiders. When asked two residents of the constituency namely Muhammad Imran and Malik Ayaz about their considerations regarding casting votes in the upcoming by-polls, said they would prefer to use their right of adult franchise for a candidate who would solve major issues facing the country and the local problems of the constituency. The trend of the women and young voters of the constituency was also towards a candidate, which they believe would solve their local problems, besides major issues of energy crisis, inflation, unemployment and worst law and order. Youngsters namely Akmal, Afzal, Shahzad, Saeed and Zaheer were also of the same views. Veteran local politician of NA-123, Malik Muhammad Asghar giving his remarks over the trend of the voters said the role of clans and fielding a local candidate also counts for securing a victory in the said constituency. He said that Arian, Rajput, Kashmiri and Gujjar were the major clans residing in NA-123, while the Arians dominates the other clans in numbers. He was of the view that results of NA-55, Rawalpindi could also affect the voters trend in the by-polls of NA-123. He said local candidate was also a long desire of the residents of the NA-123, as Mian Umer Hayat was the only local who secured the seat twice, however, it was NA-94 when Umer Hayat got elected, as NA-123 was mainly based on the areas of NA-94. In 1988, Benazir Bhutto was elected MNA from NA-94 now NA-123 and upon vacation of the seat by her, Mian Umer Hayat won the by-polls as an independent candidate and later joined the PML. Mian Waheed and Tariq Aziz of PML-N got elected in the polls of 1993 and 1996 respectively and both were outsiders, similarly Javed Hashmi was twice elected from the NA-123 and he was also an outsider. Iqbal Ahmed Khan of PML was declared victorious from the constituency in 1985 in the polls held on non-party basis and again he was an outsider and alien in the constituency. Brisk electioneering was going on in NA-123 and in the current scenario PML-N was taking the lead, while PTI seems to be a serious force against the PML-N, however, if the candidates of the PML-Q and JI retire from the by-polls the results might be surprising. PML-Q and JI likely to support PTIs candidate in case the contenders of both the parties retire from the by-polls, while PPP that has not fielded its candidate from NA-123 given a free hand to its voters for exercising their right of vote according to their choice.