According to the constitution, President has the power of commuting a death sentence awarded by the highest court of the land. This implies that the President stands on the highest constitutional pedestal and is beyond any controversy. He is deemed by the constitution to be so impartial, and without any attachment with any party or parties, that he can even give pardon to a prisoner condemned by the highest court in the land. In Pakistan, though, a party head was allowed to contest for the position of the President and was elected comfortably by all, with out a whimper. One Muslim League (N) stalwart even went as far as saying in a TV discussion that there was no hindrance, per se, in the constitution for a party leader (and office-bearer) to become elected President of the country. My view is that there is something called the 'spirit or 'purpose or 'objective of the constitution. And the spirit of the constitution is to allow only an impartial person of unquestionable integrity to be the President. But as it is beyond any of our politicians, even of the legislating body (which is deemed 'supreme in this country), so I hope and pray that the Supreme Court of Pakistan would address this issue. -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, February 19