LAHORE Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer showed his utmost concern over some arrests made by the Punjab govt ahead of Basant festival. Talking to reporters after concluding ceremony of Punjab Polo Cup here on Sunday, Governor Taseer alleged that the Punjab government was arresting youths aged between 12 and 15 as if they were terrorists, while at the same time it was ignoring those people who tried to assassinate Sh Rashid Ahmad. He said it was mind-boggling for him that the provincial government was arresting people who had merely announced to celebrate Basant. What crime have they committed? he asked, saying that the festial had become a mega event of amusement over the years and this festival was thousands of families bread and butter. He further said he could not understand why the government was bent upon destroying this traditional festivity of the Punjab and Lahorites. There should be no ban on such healthy sports, he added. Replying to a question, the Governor said irrespective of whosoever was giving such advice, it was after all a decision of the Punjab government. Thank God, no one sustains injury while playing polo, otherwise the government might think of banning this game also, he commented in a lighter vein. Meanwhile, speaking at another function, Salmaan Taseer said elections would be held in 2013 and not before that. He regretted that Pakistan Khappay (Pakistan should live) catchphrase of President Asif Ali Zardari was being given a wrong colour and portrayed as if it was an anti-Pakistan slogan.