LONDON US Congressman and former joint Chairman of President Obamas Campaign in Chicago Danny Davis has assured that he would join any group in the Congress to obtain justice for Dr Aafia Siddiqui and suggested that Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of Congress from Euston, should be contacted as she is a great supporter of Pakistan and fights for the protection of liberties. British member parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed met on Sunday with Congressman Danny Davis to discuss Dr Aafias case in Chicago. He told the Congressman that Dr Aafia had been abducted from Karachi in 2003 and then disappeared for five years before being charged and brought before a judge in New York in August 2008. Lord Nazir said that in July 2008 Yvonne Riddley, a freelance journalist, asked him to make representation to the American authorities and the British Government to identify Prisoner 650, the Grey Lady of Bagram, and much to his surprise Dr Aafia was charged with attempted murder of an American serviceman in Afghanistan. He said the tragedy of this case is that there is no forensic or scientific evidence to support the allegation and she is not charged with any terrorism offence but with a charge that has no logic. Nazir told Danny Davis that there has been a gross miscarriage of justice in this case, thus an independent inquiry is needed. Danny Davis invited Lord Nazir to organise an event in Washington DC to raise awareness of this case with other members of the Congress. In the meeting it was also agreed for the further campaigning for Dr Aafias case.