As the Pakistan teams captain, its imperative that you now lead from the front and be a role model for the players. Here are some tips that might prove beneficial when you are batting and as a captain: Stop wielding the willow wildly from the moment you step on the crease. Controlled aggression will yield far more dividends. Remember slogging has a short life and causes an early demise. Its a weakness you should try to control. Avoid playing pre-meditated strokes. Play every ball on its merit, giving respect to the good ones and treating the bad ones with abandon. Likewise, never flirt needlessly with the outgoing deliveries and high bouncers pitched straight at you. Its most likely that you will miscue them and get caught. Resist the temptation of playing to the gallery. That might give you some excitement but surely not for long. Dont forget that playing for the team and your country is far more important. Refrain from playing any innovative strokes like the reverse sweep or lifting a straight full toss over the wicket keepers head or far on the leg side. Such strokes can though upset the opposition but are usually risky unless masterly performed. Ignore the oppositions provocative remarks uttered on the field which by design are meant to upset the batsmen. If the batsmen react angrily, they will no doubt be playing into their hands. Remain cool and composed even when the team is under pressure. In such a situation never waiver in confidence and concentration. These are the hallmarks of all great captains and players. Reject the shouts of 'Boom-Boom Afridi and continue playing normally, regardless of what the crowds want. Play cautiously a couple of initial overs to get adjusted to the playing conditions. Then open up sensibly but never recklessly unless the match situation so warrants. Maintain the team spirit at all cost with the help of management. Many strong teams have at times squandered away the opportunity of winning world events merely because of its absence. Do your best to keep the players happy as happiness is a tremendous morale booster. Remember always how under Imran Khans captaincy, Pakistan won the World Cup. Take his tips seriously which he is giving these days in his write-ups and on a TV channel. Ensure zero tolerance for indiscipline after taking the management into confidence. Its surely a great wrecker of a teams performance. And, never induct any player in the team no matter how brilliant he may be, in case he is physically or mentally unfit. And, do offer prayers regularly during the World Cup along with the management and players. Faith gives great strength. I end here, wishing you and the team the very best in the World Cup. In these turbulent times that Pakistan is facing today, if we win it, there will be joy in every home though it will require enormous effort, determination and passion. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, February 21.