Recently Sindh Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza has warned that PML-N offices from Karachi to Kashmore would be eliminated in case of expulsion of PPP ministers from Punjab Government. Dr Mirza also stated that enemy of PPP would be considered as enemy of the country. The Concerned Citizens of Pakistan condemn and deplore acrimonious statements by demagogue politicians that have the potential to foment inter-provincial hatred. Parochialism is inimical to feelings of national integrity and such attitude caused disintegration of Pakistan in 1971. Our leaders must have a rethink over their attitude and learn lessons from history or else they will be condemned to repeating the same mistakes and follies. At present Pakistan stands at a critical juncture where tolerance and harmonious co-existence of diverse communities are the need of the hour. The politicians have forgotten that politics of vengeance and confrontation during the decade of 1990s led to the collapse of vital institutions of country at the altar of arbitrary governance. The CCP urges the PPP leadership to take notice of irresponsible statements of Dr Mirza and save the country from collapsing into civil war. NAUMAN ASGHAR, February 21.