Former ISI official Sultan Amir Tarar known as Col Imam has been killed by militants in North Waziristan. Surprisingly, the TTP has taken the responsibility for his killing. In the past The Asian Tigers had claimed responsibility for his kidnapping. He was ally of Taliban and close to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar and it is doubtful whether it were the Taliban who killed him mercilessly. Why would Taliban murder someone who had helped them in getting power and who was instrumental in their ascent to power back in 1994 in Kandhar by leading a caravan of NLC trucks inside Afghanistan. It was after Col Imams successful operation in Afghanistan that General Naseer Ullah Baber remarked that Taliban are our boys. Besides, Col Imam was against the US invasion. We must know its not Taliban but US and Indian hand behind the sordid killing. Both countries are providing weapons and funds for terrorist activities in Pakistan. Taliban are fighting against USA in Afghanistan and are not involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan. Pakistans army is equipped with nuclear weapons and is the best army of the world, a big eyesore to the Jewish lobby in the US and the Neo-Cons. The unrest and violence prevailing in the country is the result of the machinations of this lobby which wants to dismember us as the Muslim worlds only nuclear state. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, February 21.