LAHORE It was perhaps for the first time since his arrest for the gory crime he committed that Raymond Allen Davis broke into tears after US Consul General in Lahore, Carmella Conroy, visited him in jail, it is learnt. He (Davis) was seen sobbing on Sunday after Carmella left the jail. He talked to his family on Carmellas cell phone, insiders said. The American killer was visibly tense in the first indication that he has started to realise the chances of getting away with the dual murder, despite huffing and puffing at the highest level, are getting thin by the day, sources said. He seems to have realised the new situation as his cover has been blown In line with the discovery that he is the CIAs acting chief in Pakistan, Davis security has been augmented manifold to avert possible life threat to him from the very agency he served (the CIA). The Rangers deployed to protect him have been armed with light machine guns (LMGs), sources said. Regarding Davis earlier luxuries, the lady who visited him on Valentines nights, it can now be confirmed is not his spouse, but a Consulate employee. She visited him again on Monday, sources said. The Rangers, equipped with LMGs, have been deputed on a water tank of the jail in addition to the main gate. Monday also saw the drop scene of the drama that started with the slapping of a jail official by the US killer. The recipient, Assistant Superintendent Jail Nasir Nawaz, was removed from Davis security, fearing he may have held vendetta against Davis, sources said. Davis slapped Nasir when he tried to wake him up for breakfast a few days ago. Nasir has been replaced with Naveed Aslam, sources added. Earlier, Lahore Regions Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Shahid Saleem Baig had denied any spat between the two, saying Davis didnt misbehave with any jail officer. Naveed, the new assistant superintendent, may also be relieved of the charge in a few days as he has passed the CSS exam, sources said.