LAHORE- A local lawyer has moved a petition in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Hussnain Qadir Ghallu against Lytton Road SHO for not registering a espionage case against US killer Raymond Davis. Sheikh Sajjad filed the petition, through his counsel Khalid Mughal, contending that the accused is so sharp and a dangerous person that he was preparing a map of sensitive places in Pakistan through the GPRS system installed in his car. He added that mobile phone sims, lethal weapons, and videos camera were recovered from the murder accused on January 27, 2011. He mentioned in his petition that Davis other four accomplices had also allegedly crushed a youth Ibadur Rehman to death. The petitioner alleged that the map of the Pakistani installations that was being prepared by Davis was actually for India and Israel to attack Pakistan. He alleged that recovery of the most modern GPRS system from Davis possession is a clear signal that he was a US spy. The petitioner further claimed in the application that at the time of arrest, Raymond Davis introduced himself as American diplomat to police and claimed that he deserved immunity in connection with Vienna Convention. The petitioner further alleged that the statement of US state department and other authentic information about the accused showed that the Davis was an American spy and was involved in different tasks of patronizing different terrorist activities and providing such information to the terrorists. The petitioner prayed the court to direct the Lytton Road SHO to register a criminal case against Davis. On the petitioners plea the court summoned the SHO Lytton Road Police by February 24 to present his report before the court in this regard. Jail terms, fine for drug peddlers: Additional District and Sessions Judge Ajmal Hussain on Monday awarded punishment of confinement along with a Rs50,000 fine each to two drug peddlers in two different narcotics cases against their confession. As per details, the court awarded two-year jail confinement and Rs 50,000 fine to Maqsud as Shahdran Police had arrested the convict and recovered 3 kilograms and 110 grams of hash from his possession. As per court orders the convict would face two-month jail further in case of the non payment of the fine. The same court also awarded three-year jail term and Rs50,000 fine to Sajid for possessing 4 kilograms of hashish and case of nonpayment of the fine the convict would undergo imprisonment of one month further. According to case details, Shadbagh police had arrested Sajid on January 1, 2010 and had recovered the drugs from his possession. Murder accused released: Additional District and Sessions Judge Saeedullah Mughal on Monday released two accused of a murder case when the witnesses and the petitioner of the case changed their statements against the accused Abdul Ghani and Muhammad Imran. The petitioner namely Nazir Hussain had got a murder case registered in Batapur Police for killing his son namely Arif Aleem. But the petitioner and other witnesses of the case changed their statements that the accused Ghani and Imran were not the real accused in the murder case. On Monday the Judge released the two accused against the changed statements.