LAHORE The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have asked the Trade and Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to provide the insurance cover to their shipments, as financial insecurity is rising in export to the Arab countries in Middle East as well as is Africa, hit by the recent political uncertainty. The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises on behalf of the SMEs has expressed that financial insecurity is on the rise in exporting to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain and Libya due to strikes and riots in these Middle Eastern countries, urging the Trade Development Authority to provide insurance cover. It said that the financial cover could be provided through Export Credit Guarantee Insurance (ECGI) by the ministry of commerce, which may be sponsored by a consortium of banks to enable the SMEs to ship their goods. It said that at one time ECGI was active but when the consortium members were themselves not accepting the risk cover provided by ECGI it became slack and needs to be revived for the benefit of the SMEs in such circumstances. President Unisame has urged Tariq Iqbal Puri, CEO of TDAP to convene a meeting of the exporters and arrange for ECGI insurance cover against loss due to SRCC both pre and post changes in govts and banks closure due to strikes which may result in heavy mark up due to delayed deferred payments. He said the SMEs apprehend that their bills drawn on buyers in these countries could not be honoured on due dates due to unrest. However the SMEs were bound to perform due to contracts agreed with the firms and because of shipping services available. Hence excuse of unrest could not be valid for non performance of the dealings, he added.